Tuition and Costs

Our course tuition structure is similar to almost every other folk music courses anywhere in Chicago. We strive to offer to absolute best possible instruction, in a learning-conducive environment, at the most reasonable rate possible.  We offer group rates for families with multiple students involved and also have introductory offers available through popular social discounting websites.


Single Student Rate:
$60 per month for Beginner and Novice

Family Rates (2+ students):
$90 per month for Beginner and Novice

Equipment Costs

The initial equipment fee is $75 for each piper or drummer enrolled.

For piping students this fee purchases a practice chanter which is used to learn fingerings, blowing technique, and everything necessary to prepare for playing an actual bagpipe.  For drumming students this fee purchases a practice drum pad and a pair of drum sticks which are used to learn grip, playing technique, and everything necessary to prepare for playing an actual drum.  These items will be part of every piper's or drummer's career as a way of rehearsing in groups when learning new music, or practicing at home at times or in locations when using a full instrument isn't possible.  

We do have specific practice equipment we want our students to be using - specific brands and types - so we strongly recommend against purchasing anything ahead of time.  If you happen to already have something, we will certainly consider whether it is suited properly to our approach or if new items will need to be purchased for classes.

Uniform Costs

There are no uniform costs associated with beginning to learn either instrument.  Once a player has reached the ability to perform in public, we can delay uniform costs further by allowing participation in recitals and other in-house performances by having students wear long-sleeved white dress shirts, with a black tie, and black pants and shoes.  Eventually performing members will be " kilted " and the costs associated with personal items vs. issued items can be discussed further in the progress.  One can safely assume that there will be at least 9 to 12 months before any of this needs to be decided for a complete beginner entering the system.